Message From Director

Mharatna Engineering Corporation is a versatile organisation with lots of passion to excel and venture in to new and diverse projects and opportunities. We have excelled in verticals of rail and mine projects and expand our horizons in all directions to be a global leader. Our commitment begins with the quality of work we offer and cost effective solutions that meet or exceed the quality standards that our clients have come to expect. The most rewarding part of our service is creating and imparting additional value for clients through our incessant value engineering, project management and value improvement practices.  We will always strive to provide an exciting, rewarding, and a healthy work environment that allows each employee to make a difference.  Integrity, trust, and teamwork continue to be our corporate backbone which supports our constant growth and diverse projects.   As CEO of this enthused company, I would like to reiterate our commitment as a team to raise the standards in industry (in our areas of specialization) through an innovative management team and diversified human capital that delivers projects with optimal design- on schedule with optimal cost and right quality.

Mr. Rajendra

Mharatna Engineering Corporation